Best Time of Day to Workout

Whether you are an Early Bird or a Night Owl, it is important to carve out time at some point in your day to prioritize your health and work out. This may depend on your work schedule, a meal schedule you may be following, or just your motivation throughout the day. With Nucleus workouts only taking 12-15 minutes, it is likely that you have ample opportunity throughout the day to get this done. The question is: will working out with Nucleus at a certain time of day allow you to burn more calories and generally get more out of your workout?

 There are a lot of factors that can influence athletic performance and workout effectiveness from sleep and circadian rhythm, to meal timing, stress levels, etc. So while there is no direct answer to this question, there are a number of studies on aerobic exercise that may help you decide how you would like to schedule your Nucleus workouts.

One 2019 study (Sato et al., 2019) found that exercising in the morning will significantly increase your muscles’ ability to metabolize sugar and fat, meaning you will have a more intense post workout calorie burn as you go about your day. However, this same study found that an evening workout seems to boost overall metabolism for a longer duration of time. So while the morning and evening workouts may have slightly different effects, both will be taking you in the right direction, increasing metabolism and burning calories. This is especially true for Nucleus, as the HIIT format of Nucleus workouts naturally increase post workout calorie burn.

At the end of the day, the beauty of Nucleus is the efficiency and convenience of the workout. With our increasingly busy lives, simply finding that 12-15 minute window in your day to get it done is the most important thing. No matter if its 5:00am or 9:00pm, your body will thank you.


By Isaac Dotson

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