Can any age use Nucleus?
Yes, Nucleus is designed to have ZERO impact on the joints, so it is good for all ages.
Can I fly with Nucleus?
You absolutely can fly with Nucleus.  Just make sure you put Nucleus in your luggage, not in the cabin due to the liquid blend inside of Nucleus being over 3.4 oz.
What is the difference between Nucleus and a kettlebell or any other weight?
Nucleus has little to do with kettlebells or weights.  Nucleus is not a weight, it is a dynamic and adaptive core training system. The unique Liquid Impact Technology (L.I.T.) inside of Nucleus makes a serious impact on all of your muscles at once.  The faster you move it, the more kinetic energy you generate inside the device, the more resistive force against your muscles.  Nucleus offers users a lightweight and travel friendly gym in your hands... and it's a lot more fun than 12 minutes of kettlebells ;)
Is there only one weight?
Yes, there is only one weight (5 lbs - 2kg). Just remember that Nucleus is not a weight. If you want a harder workout, you just need to move it faster.
Can I train longer than 12 minutes?
The Nucleus Method is based on HIIT - and we upgraded it to Liquid Impact Interval Training (LIIT) with intervals of work combined with intervals of rest.  If you execute the exercises correctly, 12 minutes will be more than enough time to get a complete workout for all of the muscles.
Is Nucleus patented?
We have worldwide utility patents and copyrights issued and pending.