About Us

Note from the creator:


As a professional Health and Fitness Coach and former athlete, I know the challenges with finding the time to train in today's fast paced tech driven world.  Many of my clients are professional athletes, actors, and models.  Serious training is a job requirement for them and many struggle with having enough time to train. 


I have always sought out faster, easier and safer ways to help my clients reach their fitness goals.  When developing Nucleus, the goal was to create a product that provided a dynamic "full body" workout for users of any level, which could be done anywhere, and required the least amount of their time.  Something for fitness beginners to pro athletes. 


The inspiration for Nucleus came from the specialized high intensity interval workouts that I created for my clients. I knew that adding targeted, dynamic resistance could take these workouts to a whole new level, making them much more effective and taking far less training time.  


I reasoned that utilizing the kinetic movement of liquid, along with a carefully designed set of exercises, would create unparalleled dynamic muscle stimulation and provide a host of additional training benefits to users of all levels not found in other fitness devices.


With help from my team of engineers, we created Nucleus Central Core Pro.  


Since Nucleus adapts the intensity of training to the needs of the user it enables anyone to get extremely powerful and efficient workouts in the privacy of their homes or on-the-go.  All in under 13 minutes.  


Professional Athletes say they cannot believe the unique workout they get with this small device and they feel the performance benefits both on and off the field.  Our newest users (some of which have never stepped into a gym) are transforming their bodies in record time.  


There is nothing that makes me happier than empowering people with a tool to transform their bodies and their lives for the better.  We hope you enjoy all the benefits of Nucleus!


Diego Calvo


Our mission:


Our mission is to provide everyone, regardless of their age or fitness condition the opportunity to get in shape quickly, safely, and easily.  We have carefully designed the size and shape of Nucleus for comfort, durability and ease of use.  The liquid blend contained therein is completely organic and biodegradable and Nucleus is manufactured in Los Angeles, CA to ensure the highest quality standard that our clients expect and deserve.