Cole Madison

NFL Player

Nucleus should be in every athlete's arsenal. It gives you the highest intensity in a very short amount of time.

Fit for Pro Athletes

Fit for Pro Athletes

Shred, tone, and sculpt in 12 minutes

The Ultimate Workout Device for the Pros

Fit for everyone

Whether you’re a fitness professional or just starting your fitness journey, the Nucleus Central Core Pro will engage your muscles to ramp up fat loss and fire up your metabolism.

All-In-One Solution

In just 5 lbs, and utilizing our proprietary Liquid Impact Force Technology (L.I.F.T.), this compact powerhouse will activate 80% of your muscle at the same time.

HIIT in 12 Minutes

Nucleus will leave a big mark on your muscles in only 12 minutes. Nucleus will greatly impact your metabolism, allowing you burn calories not only when you workout but when you rest

Improve posture

The kinetic energy generated by the liquid blend will be transferred straight to your muscles, helping to strengthen the muscles around your spine and improve your posture and range of motion.

Easy to travel with

Traveling for business? Taking a vacation? Nucleus was designed to be packed in your luggage and taken along with you when you are on the go, eliminating the stress of trying to find a gym while you travel.

Low impact on joints

The liquid blend will move freely from side to side within the unit providing a constant stimulation to your muscles with low impact on joints. This ensures that Nucleus workouts are not only fun, but also safe.

Shred, tone, and sculpt in 12 minutes

The Ultimate Workout Device


Elite Hip Band


Premium Natural Rubber Yoga Mat


Get a targeted HIIT WoRkout in
12 minutes.

what sets us apart?

  • No installation required 

    to begin your workout.

  • A library of workouts 

    tailored to your needs.

  • A full body H.I.I.T workout


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