How to Burn more than 200 Kcal In 12 Minutes

The majority of people who exercise have one thing in mind: calorie burn. Even leading Fitness tech companies have recognized this, which is why so many of our devices these days have technology that monitors and tracks our daily energy expenditure. There is nothing more satisfying than checking your Apple Watch or Fitbit after a grueling workout and seeing the actual numerical amount of calories that you just shredded. And this is especially true when that number is 10x the amount of minutes that you actually spent exercising, something that is very achievable with Nucleus Core Pro.

 One of the goals of Nucleus is to provide people an opportunity to get their daily workout in without having to sacrifice time that they could be spending on other important daily tasks (work, spending time with kids, etc.). Still, a shorter workout means it is important to make the most of every second of the high intensity interval format of the Nucleus workout, and when this is done correctly, calorie burn can easily surpass 150, 200, even 250 calories.

I have had clients send me photos post-Nucleus workout of their active calorie trackers reading 300! In 12 minutes! Compare that to running at a 10-minute mile pace for the same amount of time, which burns 146 calories, according to California State University research. Or CrossFit’s notorious Cindy workout, which burns 261 calories but takes 20 minutes, scientists at Kennesaw State University found. Here are a few key points that I harp on with my clients in order to make the most of your short workout and achieve these amazing results:


  1. GO ALL OUT – The liquid system of Nucleus is meant to provide resistance as it collides with the walls of the unit. The more aggressively you move, the more resistance it will provide, and the more calories you will burn.
  1. Range of Motion – Allowing your muscles to elongate and contract to their fullest extents will engage more fibers in the working muscles, requiring more energy and again lead to more calories burned.
  1. Controlled Breathing – Use the 20 second rest intervals to re-energize for the next working set. Slow, controlled breathing is vital for replenishing oxygen in the cells and energy in the body, prepping you for another 20 seconds of intensity

Keep these tips in mind for your next workout and I am sure you will feel the difference, and maybe even see it on your calorie tracking device.


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