Nucleus Vs Medicine Ball and Water Bags

When seeing the Nucleus Core Pro for the first time, it can be easy to jump to comparing the device with other equipment that may be more familiar, especially because the Nucleus is not the first substance-filled device on the market. Others include sandbags and water-filled medicine balls and kettlebells. So what really makes Nucleus unique?

 One of the main things that sets Nucleus apart from these is the versatility that Its design provides. With both a wide and narrow grip options on the Nucleus, users are able to adjust their hold on the Nucleus as necessary if they need more support during certain movements, ultimately providing total control of the unit as it is moved. This is especially helpful during single arm exercises. Other equipment like medicine balls or sand bags often don’t have any grips or handles at all, and if they do they do not offer the sturdy wrist support that the Nucleus provides.

 Another feature of Nucleus that makes it an outlier in the world of substance-filled equipment is the actual substance itself. While most kettle-bells, medicine balls, and dumbbells in this category are simply filled with water, Nucleus utilizes a patented blend of liquids and oils that provide optimal resistance as the mixture collides with the inner walls of the unit. This creates a happy medium between water and sand, which would not allow users to move with the speed and intensity needed to properly execute Nucleus movements.

 The final and perhaps most important point that I will cover has to do with the 70+ movements that were specifically designed to be executed with Nucleus. As most equipment is used as a weight, the ballistic HIIT movements required Nucleus to be light so that they could be properly executed. Many of these are tailored particularly to the design of Nucleus, and when attempted with other equipment, users will find that it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to feel the same effect. This is where the true exclusivity of Nucleus lies.


By Isaac Dotson

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