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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nucleus be used at any age?

Yes, Nucleus is designed to have ZERO impact on the joints, so it is good for all ages.

Can I fly with Nucleus?

You absolutely can fly with Nucleus. Just make sure to pack Nucleus in your luggage, not in the cabin due to the liquid blend inside of Nucleus being over 3.4 oz.

What is the difference between Nucleus and a kettlebell or any other type of weight?

Nucleus is not a weight, it is a dynamic and adaptive core training system based on Liquid Impact Technology. The faster you move it, the more kinetic energy you generate inside the device and the more resistive force that impacts all of your muscles at once. Compared to kettlebells and weights Nucleus offers all levels of users a dynamic full-body workout in a portable form factor that can be used at home or on the go.

Is there only one weight?

Yes, there is only one weight (5 lbs - 2kg). Nucleus adapts to your condition. If you want a harder workout, you just need to move it faster.

Can I train longer than 12 minutes?

The Nucleus Method is based on HIIT which utilizes intervals of work combined with intervals of rest. If you execute the exercises correctly, 12 minutes will be more than enough time to get a complete workout for all of the muscles. 

Is Nucleus patented and copyrighted?

Nucleus has worldwide utility patents and copyrights issued and pending.

Is it normal to do 2 Nucleus workouts in the same day?

The Nucleus method is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) system. In order to optimize the effects of the workout, you need to reach 90% of your capacity during each working interval. Once you have control of Nucleus and understand how it works, move it as fast as possible to generate more energy, more resistance and more tension on your muscles. If after completing a Nucleus workout you still feel like doing additional exercises, it is likely that you did not reach your maximum intensity during the workout.

Can I see results only using Nucleus?

You can definitely see results using only Nucleus. Nucleus is a full body workout where you will put all of the muscles of your body to work, but we do have workouts designed to target upper or lower body.

We recommend you try alternating between workouts. For instance, if you are using Nucleus 4x/week the plan could be:

Lower body, Upper body, full body, lower or upper body (depending on what area of your body you want to work on most)

Nucleus is only 12-14 minutes but leaves a significant impact on your muscles, so resting in between workouts is a must in order to recover fully for your next session and avoid injuries.

If you want to incorporate Nucleus into other workouts, we recommend trying 2 strength training sessions a week and 2-3 days of solely Nucleus.

With that said, you can use it as many times per week as you want as long as you designate a day for rest. Depending on your fitness goals, you can plan your week for 4-5 workouts or even push to 6 if your body is up for it.

Is it normal to feel very sore the day after the workout?

Nucleus has a different approach and targets the muscles differently than other workouts, so it is likely that after your first couple of workouts with Nucleus, you may feel sore. This post-workout soreness will decrease as more workouts are completed and the body grows accustomed to the workout style.

I am over 60, is using Nucleus a good idea for me?

The system of Nucleus depends of the speed and intensity applied to the unit. We have a range of exercises appropriate for all ages and physical conditions. We even have static exercises with very easy execution, optimal for people with lower level conditioning or limited range of motion.

What does the Nucleus Premium Membership offer?

The Nucleus Premium Membership gives you full access to all of our on-demand Premium Workouts anywhere, anytime. It includes a diverse selection of workouts of all levels specially designed for fitness beginners to advanced athletes and everything in between.

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